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Inland Freight

We provide our services at a highly competitive rate to help you moving your frozen or chilled cargo assisted with our reefer containers and gen-set, we ensure you to get the best transport for both Door to Door and land transportation (inter cities) service.

Close coordination and monitoring with trucking and railway companies is our expertise. We keep strong communication channel with them, enable us to respond immediately with any request from you, our important clients, to see your cargo arrive safety and in timely manner.


Sea Freight

Our wide network of local agents are here to help you provide the best door-to-door transport. A lot of time has been spent in researching, has given us strong experience in moving your shipments as economically, as timely and as efficiently as possible.

Hagajaya itself, as a Freight forwarder has been specializing for Indonesian / nationwide logistic. a REAL Reefer Container solution is our motto which mean to be a solver of your situation, we can cope up with any demand for reefer container that might come our way, while at the same time preventing any compromise with our services for you.

Strong established relationship with domestic shipping lines has given us competitive advantage with our highly experienced staff is located in several domestic cities/main ports to assist you.

At the end of the day, our wish is to be the best reefer solution for your industry with competitive rates. Why not be in touch with us and feel the difference.

As per expansion for our services to satisfy our customer demand for reefer containers shipment, rent and sale. Since May 9, 2007 we have our own container DEPO (with size of 4.800 m2), empowered with integrated equipments and offices and 24 hours security guard. DEPO is located at Jl. Pegangsaan Dua Kav.38, Tugu Selatan, North Jakarta 14260. Telp : +6221 4393 0933 (Hunting), Fax : +6221 4393 0932, For further information, please contact our Management Team.

Nowadays, we have more than 500 units of Reefer 20 ft, more than 160 units of Reefer 40 ft (most are high cube containers), 11 units of Reefer 10 ft and 1 units of Reefer Container 8 ft with various brands such as Carrier, Thermoking, Sabroe and Mitsubishi as well and a few of General Purpose (GP) container located throughout Indonesia (our branch and agents).

Hagajaya's trained staffs and professional technicians will guarantee the best services and experiences that we provide for you.



In order to facilitate lift on or lift off the containers and genset operations in our side (depo) we are equipped with 6 forklifts with various load capacity (from 2,5 tonnes capacity up to 25 tonnes load capacity).

We are also equipped with 67 units of moveable generator sets (Genset) that will provide electricity during the transportation all the way through, from factory/warehouse brought into Port's Container Yard and then will be loaded onto the vessel then, and continued with Inland transportation. It will supply the required electricity for your shipments inside our Reefer Container.



In addition to that, we are also having the capability to serve the power/electric supply necessity for your static storages. Which enabled us to provide 164 Kva and added with 350 Kva from our generator set as a reserve to guarantee your reefer container is safe from unexpected circumstances suck as power outage.

PT. Hagajaya Kemasindo Sarana was established on June 1995, as the pioneer company for inter-island transportation specialized for reefer containers in Indonesia, motivated by the determination to help you focus on your business operation.

Hagajaya Kemasindo Sarana always ensuring high quality of our reefer containers standard showing our commitment to provide the best service for you, our precious customer. Our professional staff are supported with well established infrastructure, ready to help and solve any challenges faced by you to transport refrigerated commodities, ensuring to preserve the quality of your produces. All our container are equipped with hi-tech microprocessor - controller incorporates a thermostat and digital thermometer, as well as fault data recording indicator and remote monitoring capabilities suitable for all environmental conditions imposed by various modes of transport such as road, rail and sea.

We ensure the quality for our service, right off from the loading bay of your warehouse to your destination (door to door). With our "One Stop Service" concept, PT. Hagajaya Kemasindo Sarana will provide the best services and solutions to transport your perishables goods / products directly for the customers or destination.


The worldwide issue of global warming is our concern. On April 2008, a friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant (MUSIcool) been applied to all of our refrigerated containers (Reefer) supplied from Pertamina. This product has been used to replace previous refrigerants (FREON CFC, HCFC, HFC) that has bad influence for global warming. Which therefore we are naming our name as a "Refri-Green" units. We hope, our refrigerated containers that use a hydrocarbon refrigerant may contribute for a more green world. Hopefully in the near future this friendly refrigerants that has been provided by Pertamina Indonesia will be widely applied to more products and facilities in countries all over the world, our only world.


Quality of your products that we transport is our main concern. Therefore, to support our service for you, we provide each our reefer containers with a movable gen-set. Currently we have various types and capacity of gen-set, starting from 15 KVA up to 27 KVA (in various range such as; Clip On, Under mounting, Common gensets as well as static storage).

Mother Genset

We also have backup power supply during any black out that might happen from our electricity service provider. We have genset with 350 KVA capacities that we could use for pre-cooling, pre trip inspection and as well as a source/supply for our static storage containers.


Clip-on & On-Chassis Genset

We utilized high technology genset, the one specifically set for trailer, train and sea vessel transport media, to ensure the product quality with constant electric supply without compromising the portability of every container.