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Genset (Genset)

Quality of your products that we transport is our main concern. Therefore, to support our service for you, we provide each our reefer containers with a movable gen-set. Currently we have various types and capacity starting from 15 KVA up to 27 KVA (in various range such as; Clip On, Under mounting, Common gensets as well as static storage).


Mother Genset

We also have backup power supply during any black out that might happen from our electricity service provider. We have genset with 350 KVA capacities that we could use for pre-cooling, pre trip inspection and as well as a source/supply for our static storage containers.

Clip-on & On-Chassis Genset

We use high-tech generator sets, specially installed for trailers, trains and marine transportation media to ensure product quality with a constant supply of electricity without compromising the portability of each container.


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