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Hagajaya Kemasindo Sarana (HKS) was established in 1995 as a solution due for a growing market demand to reefer container services in Indonesia. Our establishment has lead us to be the first company who enable the whole chain of a reefer cargo logistic, giving our client the capability to transport the goods from their supplier to be sent out directly into their destination. It's all being made possible due to our state of the art reefer containers, dedicated team of experts and our co-operation with local shipping companies.

Serving you with high quality standard reefer containers to move your frozen or chilled item is our pride. We give you a real solution whatever your needs of reefer container will be. Ensuring your goods to be delivered on time and in good condition. It's been our mission since the beginning, to keep improving quality of our services by putting the utmost care, providing our expertise and being punctual in delivering the product to you. Thus we create added value for our customers in their production process by ensuring the quality of the goods that they received is as good as the condition it was sent from their supplier..

Hagajaya Family


Hagajaya Family


For decades to come, no service organization, such as forwarding agent, can rely on total automation and robots to assure proper functioning of a logistic shipment with all their changes. Those logistic chain is involving promotion, sales, cargo acceptance, transportation and delivery. Human will be an important part regardless how perfect the system is. Our client that's consisted of people, multinational or individual shippers, and they are all will want to be treated equally as a person; people will always prefer to communicate with people. Consequently, human is the ultimate resources in providing services. At Hagajaya, we are small enough to give you a personal touch at an individual service while we also large enough to facilitate you with a network that spans around the globe..

We are here to fill the needs of refrigerated / reefer container logistic, sales, leasing, maintenance and repair; while also assisting with genset leasing and inland transportation. You will always get the best balance between cost and time to transport your goods while giving you the best carrier for the job. Ensuring your cargo arrive on time and ready to be moved into your inventory or production without further delay..

Currently we have at least 800 containers and genset to help you moving your goods.